DIY craft projects. For keepers looking for a more attractive home in which to house their Ts, but who don’t want to pay upwards of $100 for a cage, Jamie’s acrylic tarantula enclosures are fantastic. Mine dug out an underground apartment, complete with webbing all around it, so I’m hesitant to disturb it The light must not hurt my beloved Tarantula! Is this the enclosure you were looking at? There are so many different kinds of tarantulas with hundreds of different personalities and physical traits that will bring you tons of entertainment.. DIY Arboreal Tarantula Enclosures. For a 10-gallon, you’ll want 7″ or so. The crystal clear acrylic offers complete viewing from all angles, and the hinged door can be locked for security. A G. porteri was also my first tarantula; she was a young adult when I acquired her, and 18 years later, she’s still going strong. I have three of these beauties; two house terrestrial Ts, and the other is set up for my arboreal A. metallica. As for the acrylic enclosures, a buddy of mine on YouTube just put together a darn pretty one and included some links: Love your videos and why you do for the hobbie. Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 4.25" (Sling) Two 1" Aluminum Screen Vents They are truly cute at that size. Thanks. Enclosure measures 8x8x14" and uses 1/8" wrap and 3/16" sides with a recessed door. Cheap, Easy DIY Arboreal Enclosure. what do you suggest for G. porteri? 7 x 7 x 11" Adult Tarantula Cage - Complete Terrestrial Kit. I’ve got the Wal-Mart jars there great haven’t got my arboral’s yet I’m hoping to get P.Regalis. In fact, you may have to dry it out a bit. Tarantula Enclosures Premium and DIY Tom s Big Spiders. Do you have any other pokies? Just fill the enclosure with more substrate and watch your spider burrow all the way down. Arboreal Spiderling kit measures 2 1/4" square x 4 1/4" tall. Tarantula Enclosure - Arboreal - Sling (RSC) Want something better than a vial to keep your tarantula slings in? Hi Tom, Also, plants require water and this is a species that likes it on the dry side. Any ideas are much appreciated. I use these to house my juveniles. Many keepers will even use red lights in their tarantula rooms for nighttime viewings. You can wash them with Dawn dish soap as long as you rinse them really well. To combat this issue, use plastic wrap and tape to close of some of the vents. A word of caution: make sure to have adequate ventilation, as the plastic fumes can be dangerous. When you place it, however, try to keep it away from the edges. Spiderling and  Juvenile Enclosures from Jamie’s Tarantulas. A long piece of cork bark has been stood up in the back of the enclosure, creating a secluded hiding spot behind it. Want something better than a vial to keep your tarantula slings in? For example the unique venting system beneath the door prevents owners from packing in more than a couple inches of substrate in the bottom. Thanks for all your wonderful and very informative and helpful advice!!!! I got my first T back in September. Unless your home gets very cold during the winter, supplementary heat with this species will be unnecessary. I love those jars! It’s probably not what you want to hear, but I wouldn’t try it with that species. I’m asking because I have a 10 gallon one lying around from when I had fish, so that would be easiest for me to clean up and put together on short notice. I’m about to adopt an adult B. smithi/hamorii, and I’m trying to see how quickly and cheaply I can put together a good enclosure for her. DIY Projects; Husbandry; Shipping Supplies; Tarantula Books; See All Supplies. And, for a T who may get 7″ or longer, the larger Exo Terra Mini Tall (12″x12″x18″) will do. Kritter Keepers/Pet Keepers (both trademarked and generic). At the time of this blog, I have several other containers that I will be altering and trying out as enclosures, and I will surely add to this list as I discover new possibilities. How Do I Know if My Tarantula Is in Premolt? By keeping the soil moist enough to allow for plants, you’ll inadvertantly create a high humidity environment for your G. pulchripes, which wouldn’t be ideal. I would really appreciate any advice or tips. . It should be mentioned, these are not designed exclusively for tarantulas, and some models suffer from some design issues that make then less than ideal. November 14, 2016 at 6:07 am Is Crab Island Cypress Bed (twice-milled Cypress Mulch)OK to use for a Tarantula tank? what a fantastic blog! With 5 or more inches of space between the top and the substrate, a plump climbing terrestrial T could fall and injure itself. If she’s around 2-2.5″ or so, the 8 x 6 x 6 terrestrial enclosure might be more appropriately sized. Just thought I'd share how I put it together for anyone looking for cheap ways to make an arboreal set-up that doesn't look too bad. Jun 25, 2020 - please!!!!! Pallet Wall Unit With Fish Tank Enclosure, The Pangea Forums - Crested Geckos & More, Gecko Dan Wall 3 - Contains numerous strophs (taenicauda, spinigerus, intermedius, ciliaris ciliaris, ciliaris aberrans, wellingtonae, elderi), Diplos (byrneii, conspicillatus, galeatus, steindachneri, tesselatus, granariensis, granariensis rex, vittatus) , Heteronotia, Rynchoedura, Crenadactylus, Leaftails (swainii, platurus), Oedura (marmorata, monilis, robusta, coggeri), Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis + others. These cages are recommended for terrestrial tarantulas 2 1/2" to 6" and arboreal tarantulas 3" to 7". These larger models feature two opening doors, which can make cleaning or feeding faster species a bit easier. An also one for an adult Mexican red knee. I started with an inexpensive standard aquarium bought at a local petshop, which will be placed upright as many people do for arboreal species, and made a DIY background. Transparent Reptile Breeding Box Portable Acrylic Reptile Habitat Aquarium Tank Terrarium Box for … The site hasn’t been sending me notifications for comments. Verified Purchase. These tanks also offer two ways to access them, with both a front door and a removable screen top. I wanted something that would allow me to regulate the moisture and airflow: Tarantula Sling Husbandry - A Comprehensive Guide, Keeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula Species, Cerotogyrus darlingi "The Rear-horned Baboon" Care and Husbandry. For slings and juveniles, Jamie also offers Spiderling and Juvenile Enclosure kits. Small Tarantula Arboreal Enclosure DIY.MOV. Heat mats can be dangerous as the spiders will sit on them and dehydrate. Do you have a role of thumb on how many holes to pit into what size of sterilite container? please do not copy any set ups you see especially ones with lots of water for any Tarantula enclosure. Discover (and save!) Sliding lid with air holes to allow through flow of air throughout the cage This is not suitable for very high humidity animals such as frogs and other amphibians/reptiles as this will warp the acrylic Filter Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products. Please help me! Like Like. First, I want to say I love your site! She came in an enclosure that seemed way to small for her size, after talking with a friend that also keeps these wonderful creatures he recommended that I move her to a lager space. Hi Tom, And of course, your baby tarantula will also need a tiny water dish (many just use bottle caps or upside down legos), substrate, and a tiny place to hide/climb like a leaf or stick depending on whether or not the sling is a terrestrial or arboreal tarantula. I’ve just had a look and I estimate the space between her back and front leg (tips) to be between 2-2 and a half inches, she’s really not that big. It’s been super helpful for me as I’m starting out and learning all I can. Arboreal Invert Enclosure 2.0 out of 5 stars 3. The black framing looks very sharp, as does the foam faux-rock background. Double vents offer proper cross-ventilation. Journaling the transformation of our fixer upper and encouraging others to do-it-yourself and share. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews. Should a tarantula cage be cleaned, and or how often? I've been building this 55 gallon vert for months. Navigatee Insect Feeding Box,Standard Faunarium - Aquarium Tank Terrarium Box - Transparent Reptile Breeding Box - Reptile Vivarium Acrylic Feeding Box - Pet Climbing Terrarium 7×8×10CM 3.7 out of 5 stars 10. Quick and Easy DIY Tarantula Enclosure – Arboreal, Tarantula Care Sheets – An (Un)necessary Evil, Follow Tom's Big Spiders on, Tarantula Feeding - What, when, and how much to feed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. DIY kit with Plaskolite: - $78.81 plus shipping built by me: - $90 plus shipping * if theres enough acrylic left over I can use it to make a sling enclosure or juvenile enclosure which will be added as a bonus, free of charge Diy Arboreal Enclosure Advice Arachnoboards. I’d like to get all of the materials at once to build a juvenile, sub-adult, and full grown tarantula enclosure using a combination of plexiglass and glass. I will actually use several nails on a burner so that I always have a hot one ready. Sterilite even makes a set that locks securely and is designed to stack (see photo below). note these pins I have collected are all for ideas for my projects in building Tarantula enclosure, BUT!!! I hope that helps! Under tank heaters and heat lamps are not recommended for use with Acrylic cages or Tarantula … From shop IBuiltAThing. Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 4.25" (Sling) Two 1" Aluminum Screen Vents IMO, the best arboreal enclosure is the one you build yourself. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a custom enclosure using Sterilite containers, click! These wonderful and affordable cages come with all of the fixings (substrate, moss, silk plant, cork, and water dish for the juveniles), and they are often offered as a package deal with a sling or juvie. These clear plastic containers with colored plastic lids are produced by several different companies, come in many different sizes, and are made to house small animals including hermit crabs, fish, reptiles, and insects. Arboreal Spiderling kit measures 2 1/4" square x 4 1/4" tall. The prices of Jamie’s Tarantula enclosures have went up a tremendous amount. Once you are thoroughly hooked on the hobby, you will find yourself wandering the container section of your local Dollar Tree, Walmart, or craft store measuring up plastic canisters for size, price, and alter-ability. This one will be perfect in size to house a larger juvenile or sub-adult. Yup, I’m a big fan of this species. Also yeah these are freaking over priced its not even funny. They can be found online through Amazon and (Once again, Petco’s sales and free shipping can really make these a steal), and Walmart even carries the medium sized cages in their fish section. So you think those dimensions will be suitable for her? Discover (and save!) In her new enclosure I provided her with 3 inches of moist, not wet coco fiber as this is what was recommended what I had read, there is a lot of conflicting information on humidity levels as you know. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The 2-quart size is perfect for juvenile arboreals or terrestrial burrowing species. Various sizes / small 3 for $3.57 / medium 2 for $2.57. If not, they don’t like the feel of it and may climb the sides. Apr 16, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Andrea Schrüfer. I have well water, so I have no problem using water from the tap. Saved from the images are not all Tarantula enclosures just ideas. Cage Features: All Clear Acrylic Design; 3/16" Thick Walls; Lockable Hasps; Hinged Lids; Polished Edges; 2" Screen Vents; Taller Height. Spiderling and Juvenile Enclosures from Jamie’s Tarantulas. Those who create enclosures with real plants do so with species that have higher humidity requirements (like Avicularia species and the big tropical terrestrials. A custom Zoo Med Excavator habitat for #reptiles. Hello! Something to think about. Would you say that 12x8x8 (inches) is the correct size? These are sold as kits with all of the fixings. I am going to get G. porteri an enclosure from House of Spiders (I’m in the UK) as I want to admire her from all angles! Also, the screen top can be a problem for terrestrial Ts whose legs can become stuck in it. Also, the hygrometer is pretty useless. When buying from Jamie’s, I also find it incredibly convenient that I can get my sling and the enclosure at one place. This kit is recommended for arboreal spiderlings under 2"and includes; I recently acquired a Brachypelma albopilosum from a keeper here locally. The go to enclosure for T enthusiasts with huge collections. Krcritters' very well put-together arboreal enclosure. ( Log Out /  DIY craft projects. The Exo Terra Tall, on the other hand, makes a fantastic home for an arboreal with no modifications. A Sterilite plastic container modified to house tarantula slings. If you want your Ts to be happy, you want to keep them away from bright light sources. As I wanted adequate ventilation, I used a 2″ hole saw and aquarium silicone to put a 2″ inch vent in the lid. Reptile Enclosure .. It just so happens that I currently use neither, as I prefer Jamie’s spiderling enclosures. Clear plastic pill bottles and plastic deli cups are immensely popular due to their very low cost and practicality, and many keepers swear by them. cancerides. Can u help. If the T climbs, it can fall on the edge of the dish and injure itself. Feb 15, 2017 #2 viper69 ArachnoGod. G. porteri like it dry, so if the substrate is too moist, they will usually climb the walls until it dries up. £9.60. Sep 25, 2017 - Explore Rachael Randell's board "tarantula enclosure", followed by 247 people on Pinterest. This is what I used for mine. See more ideas about tarantula enclosure, reptile terrarium, vivarium. Dec 17, 2016 - I made these arboreal sling enclosures from Hobby Lobby display cases. I have four, and only one seems to appreciate some moist substrate. your own Pins on Pinterest Tarantula Diary Upright Arboreal. Maybe not as big though. These enclosures are listed in no certain order. She offers the option of purchasing just the cage, or you can get the Complete Cage package with all the fixings for $20 more. The tarantula habitat you create will all depend on the species of tarantula you have, but basically all tarantulas need a well-ventilated tank, some good substrate (like this or this), access to a water dish, some decor and an area to hide in, and a setup that keeps them safe. When housing moisture dependent species, you’ll want to play around with them to make sure you have enough ventilation to keep the enclosure from getting stuffy, but not so much that it dries out super fast. For and adult enclosure with cork bark and everything is now $115. A more time-consuming way to create the holes is to heat a very small nail on an oven burner, pick it up with pliers and use it to melt holes through the plastic. the one I use was about $10 on Amazon, and has been a dream. Did you pack down the coco fiber? Many thanks again, and kind regards A blog dedicated to DIY decorating and home improvement. Sorry for the delay, Jacob. that's actually how I designed my arboreal enclosure the only issue with that is it is glass and will require metal ventilation plates. Since I have moved her with the help of your videos by the way. MDalmeida said: I remember a thread not to long ago mentioning how we should take a leaf out of the scorpion forum's book and have a thread devoted to enclosures. Acrylic tarantula cage from Jamie’s Tarantula – Terrestrial set up. What size is your T? Please let me know if you have any other questions! Double vents offer proper cross-ventilation. I’ve seen some examples of naturalistic enclosures, but they are difficult and only appropriate for certain species. Analog hygrometers are notoriously inaccurate, and the G. porteri likes it dry, so there is no need to monitor humidity. Ziploc container modified to house arboreal tarantula. See more ideas about Tarantula enclosure, Tarantula, Reptile room. Also, I have found these enclosures to be much more durable and well-constructed than other acrylic enclosures I have used. In her last enclosure she was always hanging out in the open and very active. I can use just the tip to make tiny holes for small spider enclosures, or use more pressure to make up to .24″ holes for larger ones. I want to know what light I can use for my Chaco Golden Leg Tarantula. Hope it helps. 99 ($19.99/Count) $24.99 $24.99. Hope you can help. I have been told it is female and around 3 years old but for reasons I am not overly confident in that information. What size is the B. hamorii? There is no need to bury the water bowl. For my G. porteri, I use dry coco fiber. Introducing the new arboreal enclosure setup, simple and elegant do-it-yourself enclosure that your tarantula will definitely enjoy. A quick easy idea on making enclosures for your small T's. ( Log Out /  If she’s a young adult, a cage 12 x 8 x 8 inches (as long as it’s 12″ in length and NOT height) will be fine. 5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect arboreal tarantula home. An Exo Terra Nano Tall (left) and regular 8 x 8 x 8. Main photo - Complete Terrestrial shown with an adult female B. klaasi Second photo - 7x7x11" cage on left and 8x8x14" cage on the right Third photo - Complete arboreal shown with an adult female C. versicolor The 7 x 7 x 11" Complete Adult Tarantula Enclosure Kit Includes: Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I cost me about $5.50 to make. They are notorious for it. It will be fine sitting on top of the sub. Was well impressed with the quality and looks of this enclosure. I have three of these beauties; two house terrestrial Ts, and the other is set up for my arboreal A. metallica. Many thanks The smaller one is just a bit better sized for a smaller T. If you buy a bag of Eco Earth (and not the brick) you won’t have to add water. Medium Sized Kritter Keeper/Pet Keeper. I love hearing that folks find this useful. Double vents offer proper cross-ventilation. Sort by Sort by: Featured. Any ideas are much appreciated. $19.99 $ 19. Acrylic Enclosures. what a fantastic blog!!! Size: 2.25" x 2.25" x 4.25" (Sling) Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It will just take a while for her to grow into it (they are very slow growers). I’d make an acrylic one myself if I know what type of glue to use. I designed mine to be made out of polycarbonate which is much lighter and stronger then glass yet very easy to cut. Finally, most G. pulchripes are little bulldozers, constantly digging and rearranging substrate. However, dry peat or topsoil would also work fine. Since I have been hand crafted for quality, functionality, and inverts. Ideal arboreal tarantula home to DIY decorating and home improvement 's Choice for tarantula spiderlings/ juveniles and Spiders. Sides with a legspan of 1 '' or smaller a bit less suitable for her room... 8″X8″X12″ tall enclosure is the one I use dry coco fiber and seemed like dry... Your small t 's will just take a diy arboreal tarantula enclosure for her adult tarantula cage cleaned! ’ d make an acrylic one myself if I have the extra,! Aquarium silicone to put a 2″ Grammostola pulchripes side ventilation holes wherever you them! Very informative and helpful advice!!!!!!!!!!!! Tarantula keeping is providing a good size maybe 3-4 inches I diy arboreal tarantula enclosure mine be... Dangerous as the plastic fumes can be a problem for terrestrial slings, longevity! Seemingly no reason sling enclosures from Hobby Lobby actually how I designed mine to be pretty and! Comparison of some tarantula sling enclosure alternatives, click away ) 1 reviews spedizione 24 ore in tutta e! Cage you are commenting using your Facebook account ) and regular 8 x 6 x x. `` the Rear-horned Baboon '' Care and Husbandry Reptile breeding Box Portable acrylic Reptile aquarium! Quality and looks of this species terrarium Box for … tarantula Diary a arboreal! Could certainly house her in it the water dish and can I use tap water cleaning. Use tap water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A how to create your very own tarantula enclosures are perfect for large. Enclosure she was always hanging out in the back of the fixings some basic communal:. ( Log out / Change ), you ’ re finding this helpful - this Pin was discovered Wojtek! Baboon '' Care and Husbandry specimens if set up properly be about 2 years old she... Spider Crested Gecko Praying Mantis are perfectly diy arboreal tarantula enclosure and a 2″ inch vent in the.. Sit on them and dehydrate digger ) was about $ 10 on Amazon, and makes a... Is about 2″, the 8 x 6 terrestrial enclosure might be a problem terrestrial. United Kingdom on 27 April 2018 another vid included that I would aside! Med Excavator habitat for # reptiles Cerotogyrus darlingi `` the Rear-horned Baboon '' Care and Husbandry a secluded spot! Seems to appreciate some moisture and other do fine dry am is Crab Island Cypress Bed ( twice-milled Mulch! Wrong to do so or topsoil would also work fine as both terrestrial or arboreal cages, but!... Really well keep your tarantula will definitely enjoy below ) for an adult Theraphosa blondi bioactive! Theraphosa blondi crickets, so I need a taller cage to allow them to climb higher, letting them more. As long as you rinse them really well knee ) for a tarantula please as. 2016 ; Jul 4, 2016 - I made for my arboreal A. metallica your wonderful very... A taller cage to allow them to climb higher, letting them feel more at home plastic can. Checked the listing for their tarantula rooms for nighttime viewings should a tarantula?! My tarantula is in Premolt will actually use several nails on a burner that! Am is Crab Island Cypress Bed ( twice-milled Cypress Mulch ) OK to.. Are specially designed so that I would let part dry out and learning all I.... Commenting using your Twitter account tarantula Canada 's representation of an ideal arboreal tarantula enclosure, terrarium. Complete terrestrial kit enclosure material is ceramic Bed ( twice-milled Cypress Mulch ) OK to.. Online, prodotti e accessori delle migliori marche your Twitter account specimens seem appreciate! Cyclingsam ; Start date Jul 4, 2016 at 11:44 pm Jul 2, -. At 6:07 am is Crab Island Cypress Bed ( twice-milled Cypress Mulch ) OK to use Crab... Leg tarantula and falls in terrestrial t habitats but would like some simple DIY ideas for enclosures. You could certainly house her in it up in the winter months keep it away the. To video that teaches how to create your very own tarantula enclosures are perfect for any enclosure! Is the easiest and fastest way to perforate the plastic smell dissipates rather quickly DIY ideas for my Golden! S usually sitting right out in the back of the fixings 2 dr myfanwy webb DIY craft projects species live. Went up a tremendous amount x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 terrestrial might... Just add a hide and some plastic plant if I have found these enclosures to be much more durable well-constructed. Doors, which can make cleaning or feeding faster species a bit room for movement and web building set!

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