(a) Open loop system (b) Closed loop system (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) Neither (a) nor (b) Ans: b, 9. The necessary and sufficient condition for stability is that all of the elements in the first column of the routh array should be positive. i) Speeds up the transient response ii) Increases the margin of stability of a system iii) Increases the system error constant to a limited extent. (a) Servo signal (b) Desired variable value (c) Error signal (d) Sensed signal Ans: 42. (i) Explain P,PI,PID,PD controllers (8) (ii), Derive the expressions for second order system for under damped case and when the. A unity feed back system has open loop transfer function G(S) = 20/ S (S+2)(S+5).Using Nichol’s, chart. Which of the following is an open loop control system ? Electrical Interview Questions on Power System YouTube. (16), 5. The initial response when tne output is not equal to input is called (a)     Transient response (b)     Error response (c)     Dynamic response (d)     Either of the above Ans: a, 12. 19.Write the force balance equation of M ideal mass element. 1) What is UNIX? In pneumatic control systems the control valve used as final control element converts (a) pressure signal to electric signal (b) pressure signal to position change (c) electric signal to pressure signal (d) position change to pressure signal (e) none of the above Ans: b, 86. Design a suitable phase lag compensators to achieve following specifications Kv= 8 and Phase margin 40 deg with usual notation. EEE Lab VIVA Questions with Answers :-1. For a unity feedback control system the open loop transfer function, G(S) = 10(S+2)/ S2 (S+1).Find (a) position, velocity and acceleration error constants. A positional control system with velocity feedback is shown in fig. An increase in gain, in most systems, leads to (a) smaller damping ratio (b) larger damping ratio (c) constant damping ratio (d) none of the above Ans: a, 66. (a) Digestive system (b) Perspiration system (c) Ear (d)     Leg movement Ans: b, 17. The cut-off rate indicates the ability to distinguish the signal from noise. It is a portable operating system that is designed for both efficient multi-tasking and multi-user functions. … Which of the following is the non-linearity caused by servomotor ? Name * Email * Website. (i) Derive the transfer function for Armature controlled DC motor. Design a lead compensator for a unity feedback system with open loop transfer function G(S) = K/, S(S+1) (S+5) to satisfy the following specifications (i) Kv > 50 (ii) Phase Margin is > 20 . The Bode plot is the frequency response plot of the transfer function of a system. The most common example is hearing an unwanted conversation on the telephone. When the initial conditions of a system are specified to be zero it implies that the system is (a) at rest without any energy stored in it (b) working normally with reference input (c) working normally with zero reference input (d) at rest but stores energy Ans: d, 94. is the frequency at which the magnitude of the open loop transfer function is unity. This means that the output is not feedback to the input for correction. (a)     Systems having complexities and non-linearities (b)     Systems having stability problems (c) Systems having multiple input disturbances (d) All of the above Ans: d, 103. The output of a feedback control system must be a function of (a) reference and output (b) reference and input (e) input and feedback signal (d) output and feedback signal Ans: a, 26 is an open loop control system. 300+ TOP Operating System LAB VIVA Questions and Answers interpreted programming language; 19) What are shell variables? In a system zero initial condition means that (a)     The system is at rest and no energy is stored in any of its components (b)     The system is working with zero stored energy (c)     The system is working with zero reference signal Ans: a, 61. figures / diagrams, tables / values, answers / explanations and more. The maximum value of the magnitude of closed loop transfer function is called resonant peak. (16), 9. Lag compensation is employed for a stable system for improvement in steady state performance. Which of the following is the output of a thermocouple ? Lead compensation is employed for stable/unstable system for improvement in transient- state performance. A device inserted into the system for the purpose of satisfying the specifications is called as a compensator. A synchro is a device used to convert an angular motion to an electrical signal or vice-versa. (i) Obtain the response of unity feedback system whose open loop transfer function is, G(S) = 4 / S (S+5) and When the input is unit step. Explain the types of compensation? The… (i) Construct Routh array and determine the stability of the system represented by the characteristics, equation S5+S4+2S3+2S2+3S+5=0.Comment on the location of the roots of characteristic equation. Inminimum phase transfer functions, all poles and zeros will lie on the left half of s-plane. Dharanyadevi blogspot subsume with E-books, Notes, Lab Manual, Question Banks, Interview, Viva, Basics and Interview Questions for engineering students.

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