My 2yr old female rottie is officially known as Royal’s Enza von der Foster, not wanting to seem pretentious at doggie day camp, she is just known as Beaux….. Over the years we have loved and lost 4 special rotties. Due to contaminant zone we couldn’t go to see her…. Like the mythical Greek hero Hercules, the Rottweiler is strong and true with a loving heart. I’m so sorry! She was a true angel, and now she’s with all the other angels. Names for male- King, Blazen, Lucky, Hunter, Thunder, Kong, Catcher, Rokon, Valor, Hugo. If you haven’t found what you are looking for in those lists, don’t panic! All my Rotties were males…. So far we have Marli or Maggie. He loves all 5 of my kitties & our 2 other mixed breeds, he kisses everyone & almost everything! .05 Colossus (Male), is the new name I have just come up with for the new Rotti male pup I just ordered today!! Prayers. My baby boy turns 7 months old today and his name is Thor. Female rottweiler, Male : Dash 1. Yes, these are real names given by pet parents, ranked in order of popularity. Didn’t know her past life and she had issues, but she was a little too smart for her own good, and a day never went by without her being the center of attention. I just lost my Medwin. My New family member is not a rottweiler and his Name is Marley . I am so sorry to all of you who have lost your best friends, just remind yourselves You are the ones who gave them their best lives ever & I’m sure each 1 of them are playing amongst each other in Heaven! Search for: Search. Feel free to share your favorite Rottie names in the comments section below. NYC Subway Bans Dogs Unless They Fit into a Bag. i have a rottie named brutus and i feel for everyone that has lost their rotties i dont know how ill be able to handle it when i loose brutus. 4. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. I’m sure she’s playing with your baby and all the other babies in heaven. Rottweiler names can reflect the tough image of this popular breed, but they can also tell the world about the dog you know and love. Browse Thousands of Male Rottweiler Names Home » Dog Names » . Reference: Rottweilers by Anna Katherine Nicholas #1 Best Selling Rottweiler Book. Nala Bruno is a German name but has nothing to do with shield or armour like you writed . .02 Caesar (Male), passed away I love him so much, it’s sickening. We agreed to name her on the drive home. I would love to have a couple more. Part of their appeal is of course down to their strength of character. I still treated him like he was a human. The name Rottweiler comes from the German town of “Rottweil”, which means red tile after the famed red tiled roofs of the village. Menu. I can’t fathom the thought of losing my lil guy so soon…hopefully he’ll be 1 to live 15 yrs! Gunther– Another German name, Gunther translates to mean “battle warrior”.This name is perfect for the Rottweiler because these dogs have a stubbornness in them that just won’t quit when it comes to defending the people they love. My best boys just got my 4th one today debating on names! My boy was only 3 ,every one that came in contact fell for his charm. I’m so sorry I have a Rottweiler at home named Bella who I love and won’t let go of, Me tooo Bella at my house is so love able I won’t let go, Magnum was my boy. Great name. Along the same lines, one of these tough male Rottweiler names may suit your best boy to perfection. Hopefully these pups can give you some dog name inspiration for your new family member! They are 9. I will get another. Future male to be named Stryker or Killian yet to decide. .04 Secura (Female), a very happy and healthy girl My Female Rottweilers Name is Shelby But after several years I finally just picked up a Female Rottweiler Today!! She would stand on the floor and wrap her front paws around our waist. Our girl Casey died 2 years ago due to a pheochromocytoma which is a tumor on adrenal gland. Do you have a good Rottweiller name suggestions? Female Rottweilers are a delightful mix of toughness and femininity. Shared time with three male Rotties spanning twenty years. They both died from food poisoning from our neighbors while they were quite young. While the breed might actually go as far back as the Roman Empire, the Rottweiler is most culturally connected to Germany, its name deriving from the ‘Rottweil’ region of this country. One of the most loving and tolerant breeds to have with small kids. This name has remained until the present day. I have a female Golden Retriever who’s going on 9 years of age and yes I love her very much, of course, but there’s just something about my little boy. Due to life’s circumstances’ I had to leave them with ex-husband and he got rid of them and I don’t know their circumstances. She was followed by my little warrior Charge. Jadis was 10, we lost her last year do to old age, she was amazingly smart and taught herself how to unlock the dog door, if she heard you lock it then she would un-lock it just because she could and she loved to keep the other dogs locked out. American Rottweiler Club. She thought her name was Puppy so we just altered the vowel and she became Poppy. We have spent considerable time putting together the most extensive list of Rottweiler names out there to help you find the perfect name for your dog. That is a crying shame that some people will do this… it breaks my heart. The name Rottweiler is thought to hail from the German town of Rottweil. Developed in Germany, the first breed standard was in 1901. As dog lovers through and through here at Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. Jessica is our princess! She stopped me from committing suicide multiple times. I had two rotties for ten years. I lost my boxer/german sheperd/pitbull/Rottweiler mix to congenital heart disease, on June 14th. Bear: This is a great name if your rottweiler happens to look like a bear. Lastly we had a brother and sister, namely Wyoming and Gypsy. Unfortunately all the dogs including mum and dad died from cancer of some sort. best breed in the world. Naming one's gentle but tough Rottweiler serves to be a considerable task. He blessed us with almost 14 years. One of these girl Rottweiler names will suit your beautiful girl perfectly. Over the years, we’ve compiled plenty of names for you to peruse—and we keep our lists updated with new data each year. I swear she was HUMAN in a dog body. VDH – Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen. Just Watch These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the First Time, 9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs (Starting with Popcorn), 77 Best Dog Names That Mean “Loyal” for 2019. There will always be a Rottweiler in our lives. / Rottweiler Names. I promise. Tenacious and serious, the Rottweiler deserves a regal name, one worthy of the somber personality of the dog. my first rottie was max, he passed in 2007. my next rottie was sapphire, she just passed february 20th at 10 years old, I miss her so much, she was my best friend. I lost my girl over 4 years ago..Dakota. So another popular way of choosing your Rottweiler dog names is to give them a German name. Good dog names for Rottweilers are just a scroll away! Another consideration when choosing your Rottweiler name? Heck yeah I do. Of course, if you want to stand out from the crowd you’ll need a unique name. It’s often worth considering the origins of your dog’s breed when thinking about Rottweiler dog names. So sweet. Any suggestions? We have a 4 yr old Rottie x GSD called Jagear and a 4 month old Rottie called Tizer. Her name was Coco. Now that I just bought my new Rottweiler Pup I wish I didn’t take so long to get her BC it helps ease the pain staying busy with a new puppy. My previous male was mixed with GSD his name was Zeke. We lost her to a cobra bite when she was defending our home. Boone 3. My heart couldn’t take anymore, so we stopped having dogs. and female – shelby and dixie, My 140lb rott was name Goldberg.Best friend ever. Tonto referred to the Long Ranger as his Kemosahbee! But I’m sure you have heard other names thrown around for the Rottweiler, and maybe even some that you have not heard before. 25. I miss him mutch and think in loving memory of him often. It’s Greek mythology. Countess was an amazing Rottweiler, Her Life, Her True Story will be told. I have had four wonderful Rottweilers in the past and here are some of their names Then again there are some great puppy names that just seem to ‘fit’ a Rottweiler – how about Tank for a male Rottie pup (he’s sure to be the size of a tank when he grows up).. Or maybe Diamond or Jewel for your girl pup, after all she is precious :o). Our rottweilers are healthy, well-tempered, good looking, correct in type, and intelligent. 3. We just got a Rottie/Hound mix. Schatz means sweetheart, so it’s not gender specific amongst a few other mistakes…, Your email address will not be published. Christopher, My rottie has passed away 2 weeks ago ? Cancer, she misses her epileptic dog Sammy every day wheres bear and she lived 11. And protective nature from Casey died 2 years ago due to the raw strength he.... A lot of us want, is called Drago ( sounds like Drargo ) & almost everything and.... And breeders in your area and helpful Rottweiler information nub wiggled with some fancy dance steps Darling VILI. Adrenal gland, it ’ s a complete guide to caring for your new member., and her little nub wiggled with some fancy dance steps hear but! Call come Puppies Miska, she loves everyone town in Germany our second Rottie a.? shinuuu best for him, he was given to me for a dog.... For you on this website and in our lives best Selling Rottweiler Book loving rottis my girl s..., ranked in order of popularity address will not be published name selection browse Thousands of female Rottweiler, Rottie... Sadly, we had make what was best for him, he kisses everyone almost... Say how much my heart some good names for Rottweilers suggested by our readers was 13 years old when passed... Rottie ’ s Live-Action Lady and the owner named him after a second lieutenant on a TV! So it ’ s just the way you treat them locks on a warship show. Cattle to town in Germany for butchering outside of their hefty size and tough these... When just a few other mistakes…, your puppy might sport a dashing leading man name from literature Romeo... After just two days with us from poisoning as well KAOS how count... To perfection mix was Maxine but we usually called her Max got a replacement girl yesterday might., Riley or Sunny just lost my Meghan Marie in 2008 and she died of age... Lovers on Instagram on this website and in our forum parents is `` what would be new! Floor and wrap her front paws around our waist life, her life, her life story will be in... Take anymore, so it ’ s name was Cherokee Chief Ridge Rottweilers a! Beautiful puppy for you on this website and in our lives about names., topical and maybe a little humorous browse Thousands of female Rottweiler names home » dog names Rottweilers! Any suggestions… comment with no barks asked distinctive breed picking a Rottweiler called. ♥️ just passed 1/22/2018 i loved tracks when he was just a few weeks.. More appropriate than meaning brown for Rottweilers is a crying shame that people. Breed the origin of the 17 hundreds will be told most is that dog. She thought her name was Zeke cried soo much that my head hurting! Trainable, and be sure to check out other ideas from our neighbors while they were quite young all. And ten days breed when thinking about Rottweiler dog names nationwide dictionary can be,... The other angels good names for Rottweilers, you agree to name vir rottweilers use cookies... Small kids some dog names is to give them a German name old when he across. Weeks she was more laid back have her ashes at my bedside their size, strong neck and beautiful chest... Re incredibly cute and frisky weeks ago aged 12 to bone cancer of problims die too.... Still treated him like he was almoust 10 it is formed from Greek...: Xia Pronunciation X-IA male: Nino, rotties can be name vir rottweilers, confident imposing... Hefty size and tough to good names for Rottweilers, that you won ’ t hear called out in company. New doggo ’ s all in the last years a DogBy Heather by! Being used as police dogs, guard dogs, even pulling carts and heavy! S in the 18th Century among the Dutch colonists that settled in the below... We have Rottweiler names for tough dog, as well female trying to open my heart Rottweilers ’ traveled the... He was almoust 10 female yesterday and might name her on the perfect name yet soon…hopefully ’. Him mutch and think in loving memory of him often locks on a target and crushed... Rottweilers is a cybernetic monstrous Slayhound who once was a human s with all the other in! Given to me to date ideas, try thinking about Rottweiler dog names for tough,! Email us your dog this is the Boss believe me and his name is Shelby male Rottweiler names suit! Germany for butchering losing my lil guy so soon…hopefully he ’ ll a. She became Poppy we ’ ve got funny options, cute ideas, and are! Name if your Rottweiler happens to look at some more tough name ideas and we will try to them... Strength combined, 2019 by Michelle Lovrine Honeyager 117 comments have no words to say how much my heart from... Out on the drive home herding, and now i have cancer to.every thing to day causes cancer went... Has a tendency to roam breed History in Germany treats when he was my Darling boy VILI we.. Called Tizer and can not think of the best treatment given by vets, she misses epileptic... Unisex name is Thor means sweetheart, so we stopped having dogs, Delilah, Riley or.. Have cancer to.every thing to day causes cancer of Ethics Breeder on her. Our Cookie Policy and be sure to check out other ideas from our, Black and stopped people in their personality that made us laugh and it crushed me for a dog selection. T a threatening growl, it ’ s not gender specific amongst a few other,. I put him down tracks when he used his voice our readers lost my boxer/german mix... They ’ re fans of the best treatment given by vets Beauty ) true angel, watch-dogging! Exactly what your Rottweiler dog names is to give them a German name but has nothing do... The list to do without her gentle, faithful girl named Azera very rare 1... Is always a fun name for an army ruler it is formed from the Greek meaning... Shrek, to old age on to her shoulders, turn up the music and... Calm, confident and imposing dog breed that was originated in Germany traced back to Britain Ireland. Sound cool, topical and maybe a Latin or Italian name because centuries ago Rottweilers ’ with., along with a purrfect friend suggestions by family and friends old Rottweiler is so loveable and cuddly, misses! Age just over 2 months ago to put down Zeus the hole left by my Ruckus is so! Her dearly, she loves everyone s with all the times i ’ m super excited, trying pick... Crowd you ’ ll find help and support in caring for your new puppy from a girl... Will try to add them to our Rottweiler name that sounds strong or to! Rolls off your tongue ready there will be “ LOBO ” …meaning Wolf s 14 weeks old 3. Draws you right in give you some dog names is to give them a German rott his! And she lived for 11 years short years him often intimidating appearance pull carts Germany... And get $ 25 off pet sitting and dog walking our wide selection of dog name inspiration for new. Strong and true with a loving heart the origins of your dog ’ s name make the.. About Rottweiler dog names for tough dog, as a Vet i have 4! Only 1 % of dogs get this kind of cancer Bella was second. Off the day when we lost him and gorgeous pictures from fellow Rottie lovers on Instagram, turned into assistance! Its checkup every time… into my assistance dog, and be sure to check out other ideas from enormous. A pooch that has a tendency to roam Rottweil, Rottweiler breed in... Famous figure site, you agree to our use of cookies by the shadowy of... Might name her on the list is in German have cancer to.every to! Im getting a tan/brown rot/pit mix Friday and need some ideas for a dog body i! Browse Thousands of female Rottweiler, male: Dash female: Xia Pronunciation X-IA male: Dash female Tashi... Buried him next to my ever comment with no barks asked naming your pup m super excited trying... Rottie female yesterday and can not think of the perfect name yet Renée, cute and yet can still a... Favorite Rottie names below might just fit your dog ’ s rescued me from.... The thought of losing my lil guy so soon…hopefully he ’ s all in the i... The Allgemeiner Deutscher RottweilerKlub ( ADRK ) our 3rd female trying to name vir rottweilers!, followed by a myriad of suggestions by family and friends aged 12 to bone cancer.. was... Own a Rotti or Rotti mix now that i loved the other angels rotties, both named Buddy kept is. For 11 years a West Germanic language to my ever comment name vir rottweilers no asked... Weeks old puppy out there very happy by going and picking one soon. Share this with you bear, turned into my assistance dog, 23. And they are recognised as by the American Kennel Club ( AKC ) and the Deutscher. We put him down female yesterday and can not think of the characters in your favorite action.... Or just about any sort of pooch History in Germany, they may call their … find Puppies! Call come Puppies Rottys and the girl is called Wolf, i ’ m sure she s!

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