Follow 5660. If you are South African, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xosa, etc. Luckily, we have everything you would ever want below. 28. ... AMAZING TODDLER CAN SPEAK AFRICAN LANGUAGE - … This can mean using some of the funniest or despicable characters to deliver the intended message. Well, hippos have not been left behind. There are some pretty funny and weird names given to different animals in Africa, especially if you have a look at the Afrikaans language. If he is proper afrikaans, he will probably find it very funny. And if you see one or many funny city names that are just dying for a tank top design, let us know that, too! you will laugh at these jokes. Over the years, it has evolved by incorporating other languages like Portuguese, Malay, and a few of the Bantu languages. I think I know why. Reviews: 0. Some people will also find names like Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and all the remaining “-stans” funny. Followers. Someone with that hilarious name! 0. Hell, Michigan Only 294 miles (473 km) from Paradise , and quite recently, purchased by 25-year old Internet star Elijah Daniel who renamed it Gay Hell to protest "The Donald" 's attitudes towards display of the LGBT pride flag at U.S. embassies during Pride Month . Afrikaans is a language widely spoken throughout South Africa, Namibia and even in some parts of Botswana. Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciation The World’s Most Funny City Names. Others…well, other names are funny, so funny that they might even embarrass the wearer and be part of an article like this one, feature 60 funny names that are so unfortunate, it’s just laughable. 16 Hippo Names Inspired By Fiction. Funny african name voomvang scoomski. 3. In the world of entertainment, producers and creators will go to any length to keep us entertained. April 11, 2016 Vincent Zulu Local News 0. Wiki Points. This list includes feminine-sounding names for female parrots. Probably derived from Afrikaans "Hottentot", a name for a very traditional Khoisan group generally recognized as among the most primitive on earth. 27. With that name he probably got picked a lot. In the US, names can be strong markers of race, too. Also, check out our Jacob Zuma and Nigerian jokes in our jokes categories. There are some really funny country names; you are so gonna laugh on it. Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciation Other names reflect the birth order of … What even is that? if you want a laugh, call him your little bokdroll! Afrikaans is a language of Germanic origin popular in countries like South Africa and Botswana, and to some less extent spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe. 34. When you’re both a knight and a Jed I, then you’re probably meant for great things. He probably gives lots of love with that name in prison. Gamertags come in all sorts of shapes, varieties and meanings.Yours can be funny, cute, cool, badass, etc. Funny Country Names: Is it ever happened to you that you heard the name of a place and it sound so weird to you?Well, it must have happened because there are various beautiful places on this earth that really have some absurd names. In the olden days, sea vessels were named after gods, to ensure their protection from bad luck. 68 Clever And Funny Boat Names That Made The Whole Harbor Laugh Out Loud . It’s just a collection of sounds. A funny name for a funny looking fish (and one that made it on to our list of the world’s ugliest fish). Here are some of the most beautiful African names and what they mean. African baby boy names sound exotic with a beautiful meaning. Traditional African given names often reflect the circumstances at the time of birth. Norman Conquest. Norman Conquest was a professional but very funny goalkeeper in the World. Each name is special but some are just hilarious. These team names are appropriate for WhatsApp groups, work teams, competitions, or any other team activity.. This name is funny in this area of England as Heck is a synonym for Hell. Holly Golightly, Breakfast At Tiffany’s 159. This is a really funny name. 26. The authors of Freakonomics delved into this subject in their chapter linking preferred names to social class. Here is a list of such unique African baby boy names. Names of the Top 25 Funny and Weird Football Players. Mark de Man I have to say, Donald Duck has not aged gracefully... Mmmm, she looks delicious! People know him for shipping 17 goals in only one game. South Africans have never been short on diversity, what with some of the world’s most varied biological spheres and multicultural citizenry. Each year the list of baby names keeps getting more eccentric with such contributions as Miso, Emperor, and Kale (as in the salad) for boys, and Monet, Heiress and Amen (not kidding!) Marija Bern BoredPanda staff. It could not have been an easy childhood... What's the scale here? Sometimes you wonder what people were thinking of when they named animals.Take “manta ray” for instance. Female Parrot Names. The country’s most popular names are a result of a rich history and have been influenced by everything, from the European settlers to traditional Xhosa and Zulu inhabitants. This is the best list of funny animal names, and we’ve got to say it’s rather amusing! If you’re looking for some funny names for frogs, here are some good ones. We hope he succeeds. Honey Rider, Dr. No. 1. Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, Some Like It Hot 161. 1. I gotta say WoW has some weird / funny names :) People can be so.. imaginative 10 years ago. Funny Names From Pop Culture. Breathless Mahoney, Dick Tracy 157. House Nigger: Blacks: The slaves called the butlers house niggers, basic Uncle Tom reference. Unique Funny Names. It is a relatively new language, having been developed in the 18th Century among the Dutch colonists that settled in the Cape. The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Funny Name: Here are some of the guidelines which can help developers generate funny names for their games. When your real name is already taken on social media or a gaming system, it’s tough to figure out what you’re going to insert as your username. However, he is one of the best goalkeeper and as funniest Footballer in our Heart… 2. He likes to come, he comes often. 31. South African Jokes and Puns. Instead of adding a dozen letters to the end of the name scribbled on your birth certificate, you might as well think of a funny username. Loading... Unsubscribe from voomvang scoomski? The great thing about frog names is that you can think of various puns to make the names entertaining. Hot Lips O’Houlihan, M*A*S*H* 160. Giving an animal a funny name is a great way to enhance the mood because everyone will end up laughing when you say the funny name out loud. Pics : Funny and Weird South African names. Funny country names include names like Swaziland, Papua New Guinea, Belize, Panama, Hungary, and Niger. Out of water the blobfish is aptly named, as it’s one big gelatinous blob, but in their high-pressure deep-sea habitats, they look a little more like normal fish. Whether you want a funny name or a cute one, it’s all up to you. I Can't Stop Laughing! A gamertag is a name or nickname of someone on a gaming platform. Its a joke name that is an adaptation of the bokkie name. Funny Team Names For Volleyball. Hope you don’t get this doc. What about names like Christmas Island, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Yemen. I suppose it’s possible that we’ve forgotten one or two of the world’s most funny city names. Sometimes, coming up with a unique and fitting Volleyball team name could be a huge challenge both to the team manager and the players. Avoid Misleading Names: When thinking about naming your game, remember that the content of your game is, Therefore, it falls in certain categories of games which deal with comic and funny games. Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia, as well as in some areas of Botswana and Zimbabwe.However, its origin is Indo-European. But even these worst names cannot compete with the funny names list that we have compiled. Forum Posts. Dirk Diggler, Boogie Nights 158. Funny Male Team Names. Names such as Mwanajuma “Friday”, Esi “Sunday”, Khamisi “Thursday”, and Wekesa “harvest time” refer to the time or day when the child was born. 0. See Also: Popular Afrikaans Names and their Meanings Funny Chinese Name for Girls & Meaning Chinese names may be short, but they’re packed … Funny Frog Names. Finally! Enjoy these funny South African jokes and puns. You go, kid! So he got rich from that? If your team is an all-guys team, consider using any of these funny male team names. Some names are tragic, reminiscent of some old discord and some are can even get you in trouble. for girls. If you like these, here’s even more funny names: 45 of the Most Unfortunate Names Ever. These are the names of the cities, people and even countries. April 21, 2014. If you know this to be true, please leave a hint at what we’re missing in the comments below! But, if it had been named “majestic sea flap flap” then people would get the idea as soon as they heard its name. Like English, Dutch and German, Afrikaans is a West Germanic language.. All these being said, here are 25 of the most ridiculous names ever! Oh and let’s not forget a range of some of the most inventive names the department of home affairs can come up with. 32. 30. Funniest name ever! Below is a list of 500 excellent funny team names you can call your team. 33. 29. Brownesque. Lots of “old” British surnames have been disappearing in recent years; names which have been used for generations are being lost.We think the reason may be that nowadays, people have become increasingly embarrassed to have hilarious or funny last names that may make other people laugh.. This boy was born to make things right in this world. 156. Other languages have also evolved by picking up things like Afrikaans baby names. 2. We have created this article with different genres of name ideas in the hopes that we can help you find the perfect name for your feathery friend. So, when it comes to naming your little boy, you might choose the most relevant name that is unique and distinctive. The boat naming tradition dates back hundreds of years. It … As it is said earlier, the name of a team is the identity of its players. Is 71 good?

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