He wants so badly to pull up an instance but, in all honesty, he can’t recall a single one and the accompanying guilt over that fact has him wanting to go back in time to start that morning over. "Where's the spider?!" "Hey!!" I won-." Boyfriend Scenarios!! I call him Slick as well." "Don't know what hurt more. volleyball, tendou, hinata. For each turtle however, you are a completely different person. "Why do you always have to hit me?!" "Hm?" "Hey there." HAIKYUU!! "Well I'll let you get some rest." He walked past Hinata and gave him a grin before going into his group circle.Inouka "Here you go." He gets all frustrated and ... #tsukishima kei x reader #tsukishima kei angst #haikyuu x reader #TW// cheating. "Of course." Your smile slightly faded seeing him not look back at you when you stepped into the gym, you gave a small sigh, seeing Kageyama trying to communicate with him. Your bite or the landing." "U-uh." "I know that." "Noya. Okay that's enough." "Is she mad at me or something?" Oikawa came into the gym quietly, for once, with Iwaizumi. Sugawara chuckled and pulled you to his chest, kissing your cheek only for you to give s confused look. Haikyuu!! #haikyuu I've always wanted to write one of these! Your cheeks turned more red, you gave a small giggle as Kyoutani glanced back to see you step back into the bathroom, he looked down with a smirk before returning back to his serious face once he stepped outside and you followed him. "Tch. “i’m going to take a shower. "Tendou watch." You sighed and looked back at Akiteru. Danganronpa v3 boyfriend scenarios. "I'm going to bite him if he calls me Hun." "(Y/n) is needed in the office." You smiled seeing him laying on the ground, staring up at you with a chuckle. You placed your bag down quietly then gave him a soft bite on the shoulder, he then gave widened eyes. Now that you say that I'm starting to think other things." You gave a head shake and left the room, Asahi gave white eyes towards Noya as he continued to laugh. You giggled and sat next to him, laying your head on his shoulder as he smiled at you, kissing your head and placing an arm around him with you did the same. You gave a small yelp and gasp after Akaashi gave you a smack on the butt that echoed just before he sat in the computer chair at your desk. #hinata He looked at your red face that gave duck lips to him as you held your butt, he just laughed and took of his shirt spinning it around. "Gotta go. *In Editing* Fanfiction. You gasped then blushed seeing that the smacked was loud but soft, then looked at him, he looked away as you started to giggle. you should come join me,” you suggested to your boyfriend, asahi. He gave you a nod and released. So I know there are many of these but I love this anime so imma do scenarios with them. #haikyuu Sugawara and Hinata stopped walking as you smiled and started to walk up to Kyoutani, the three of you were going to unload the bus until you saw Kyoutani sitting the in gym slouched, watching the others practice. You copied Oikawa but the ball hit Iwaizumi in the face as he was walking back. "Do you want me to walk you home?" Hello there!! "You wouldn't." You gave a nod and followed him out of your room, you rubbed a little underneath your butt with blushing cheeks and a smirk.Team Aobajosai Oikawa You groaned once you finished setting up the net with Yachi, after that you had to get the volleyball carts lined up for the team's to practice with. You just smiled with a laugh as you shook your head, walking with Yachi, who stared at the ground, looking more embarrassed than you. "That's why I call him Slick. The first half of the trailer was a fake trailer featuring several Danganronpa 1 & 2 characters in super-deformed chibi style, before the real trailer was shown with its much Hifumi Yamada (山田 一二三), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Short Stories One Shots Boyfriend Scenario Haikyuu. You made small talk as you tried to unravel an end, Lev followed behind some of his members and gave you a big smile. You gave playful narrowed eyes with a smirk, lifting up Fukunaga's arm then biting it as he looked over at you, along with Kageyama in confusion. "Look." "How do you know?" "Hungry for me instead (Y/n)-chan?" "You smell like vanilla." "Love you Lil cutie!" He smirked with an eye roll, giving short head shake towards you as you continue to laugh. Aone looked up at to see you smiling down at him, light pink cheeks, making him smile a bit, standing up just to face you and pull you into a hug. "Nishinoya You were in Chemistry class, your schedule got changed so you were in the same class with some of the volleyball boys, including Nishinoya. When You're Sick. #tendou Akiteru was about to speak before releasing you after he gave a small gasp after you bit close to his collarbone. "Ah." You giggled then kissed his shoulder, you frowned seeing how he didn't feel it, then it made you softly bit him, making a noise with it. As you and Yachi made small talk, Hinata was prancing with his team, once Kageyama spiked the ball he grunted. #scenarios He gave you a peck on the forehead as he looked down at you before the two of you looked over at (f/n) who was on the team. He chuckled as you tried to reach for it, then pecked your lips, letting you take  back the bottle with a giggle. You turned to your friend and gave her a couple of hand signals, Tendou saw that the team was getting ready and started to get impatient. "Well I did have ice cream." OtherAkiteru You gave an eye roll to one of your teammates after the two of you stepped out of the gym, only for you to smile more seeing Akiteru there, shutting his car door. after you bit the side of his shoulder, taking the phone with a giggle before walking off. You and the rest of the class looked over at Yachi once she popped her head through the door. "Inouka Inouka smiled when you came through the front door of his house for there was no practice for either teams. Iwaizumi's eyes slightly widened after the popping sound, Oikawa chuckled as you glared at him and walked up to him, you were about to smack him before he grabbed your hand and pulled you to were his lips pressed against your cheek. You coward next to him and he swung, when he did he smacked your butt, it made an echoed and when it did you and Suga stared at each other. "Certainly. *In Editing* by zombielover8469 with 12,357 reads. You gave a small laugh as Tsukishima and Kuroo gave a head shake, only Kuroo smirked. "Come on. You gave Ukai a kiss on the cheek as he chuckled and messed with his lighter before your phone went off. "Yeah. Daichi You smiled seeing Daich, it was after school and he hasn't went running yet with the team. Even Kuroo acts like he enjoys being around me more than you do,” you listed off. Check out my Akatsuki and Naruto scenarios as well. You gave a small laugh after Tanaka pulled his finger back, kissing it after you accidentally bit him, chewing on the chip still. ƬyƬy. "Team Aobajosai Oikawa It was late, you were with Oikawa and Iwazumi in the gym at their school, practicing with them before you were about to be picked up to be taken home. "I love you too." He gave you a wink and a smirk before going into the room. "I guess so but." "Yeah." "Good luck." So I know there are many of these but I love this anime so imma do scenarios with them. Can you make a scenario with Tendou where he's talking with his s/o and he makes her laugh and just then he realizes how much he's in love?? "It's hard to understand you when your holding your li-." anime anime imagines haikyuu smut haikyuu fluff haikyuu akaashi akaashi x ... can i request headcanons with tsukishima? #sport "No, I just. You blushed and gave him flustered cheeks with parted lips after the sound of the pop after Inuoka gave you a playful smack on the butt, he then walked away and looked back at you with a calm smile and you gave one back. "Kill it!" You're welcome." ), Your Nicknames For Each Other (In editing), Random Scenario: When He Gets You Flowers, When The Two Of You Watch Ghost Adventures Together, Image Scenario: When He Gets You A Plushy (In editing), Random Scenario(Part 2): When He Gets You A Plushy, Random Scenario(Part 1): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 2): Couple Jewelry Set, Random Scenario(Part 1): Matching T-shirts, Random Scenario(Part 2): Matching T-shirts, When You Reference To A Vine (In Editing), Random Scenario(Part 1):The Picture He Relates You To, Random Scenario(Part 2):The Picture He Relates You To, Gif Scenario: His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If He Saw You Perform The WAP , Gif Scenario: His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction After He Reads A Love Note Given To You , Gif Scenario: How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario (Part 2) How The Two Of You Dance Together When Alone , Gif Scenario: His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Gif Scenario (Part 2): His Reaction If You Sent Him A Nude While Out In Public , Haikyuu!! + warnings: angst, cheating, mentions of giving head, cursing. "You didn't have to do that." Boyfriend Scenarios!! There are some one shots in here as well. He kissed you softly before you walked away and when you did, he gave you a lights slap on the butt. "Terushima. Characters include Hinata, Kageyama, Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Terushima. Who's this?" The boys chuckled, making you kiss Ukai's cheek before making your way past the two boys. You smiled with red cheeks and hugged him back. You knew you weren't in trouble so you stood up with a small nod and smile. I gotta go. !XD and yes this Scenario is happening XD)Team Karasuno Hinata "Shoyo!" Daichi gave widened eyes after feeling you do so, he turned just to see Ashi giving a head shake with a sweat drop, but just when he pointed to you, your arms were already around Daichi. Boyfriend Scenarios!! "What? "You're cheating." "I said you didn't need make up." "Can you tell I've been bitten?" "Don't think I can now." Lev"Lev not again." The moment Oikawa saw her brows pinch together, he was terrified that he had crossed too far over a boundary line that had yet to be established. "Tanaka"Hello Baby." "What now?" "I'll be right back." You blushed a deeper red than smiled with a head shake seeing Hinata cower at you, once you laughed he laughed and put his hand behind his neck and rubbed it it's a grin and chuckle of his own. "Awe, it's okay." #boyfriend

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